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Studies have shown that wearing high heels to walk 30 minutes a day, can achieve the effect of hip. Because women wear high heels will not consciously tighten the buttocks when walking, shape christian louboutin shoes australia Bottom lines. Long time to wear high-heeled shoes is counterproductive, it is recommended to wear flat and heeled alternately.


Whether it is wearing high heels or daily regimen, foot care are essential homework. Massage for the feet. At any time in the gap, off the high heels, rubbing back and forth along the christian louboutin australia stockists bottom-up feet, soles of the feet can promote blood circulation, relieve pressure on the foot.


Dodo leg. Long time to wear high heels make the leg and foot muscle stiffness, resulting in blood circulation is not smooth, naturally tired and pain. At this time, sit down and take off your heels, toes each Dodo, also christian louboutin australia online twitch ankle, can effectively relieve muscle stiffness situation.


Feet at night. After home every night, with hot feet, and promote blood circulation, relieve leg fatigue. Piercing beautiful new height, infinite pole health, high heels can also Mimi da.


"Maybe I did not particularly want to do, but at age buy christian louboutin australia I must have a dream, but that dream will lead me to seriously consider the future direction, such as a humanistic activities like investigation, I believe that those who will decide my future ambition. "Affiliated High School of South China Normal University High School students play Bin Li said,"


In 18 years time, I also want to become more independent. but that does not mean I will forget their parents, although sometimes I will talk to my parents have some differences, but I believe they have some christian louboutin shoes australia online truth to my opinions, so if they are still patiently listening, but also respect for them. "