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High heels make a woman both love and hate the things, for some professional women, high heels are essential supplies, then how can we ease the heels harm it? First, choose their own high-heeled christian louboutin shoes sale australia shoes, size to fit, not too much but also not too small, not too narrow toe, while the heel is not too high too thin. Second, avoid prolonged wearing high heels climbing stairs, avoid uneven places in the road walking, avoid wearing high heels chasing the bus and the like.


Third, walking posture to the right, do not go cheap christian louboutin shoes australia far too much pace, walking the upper body should be straight, to close lower abdomen, adjusting the focus, the focus adjustment when walking to the feet in the middle. Third, hot foot bath before going to bed can improve the foot's blood circulation, reduce fatigue feet, wearing high heels you may wish to try.


Almost every woman's closet, there will be a wide range of high-heeled shoes, high heels are a woman's life can not resist the temptation, and the temptation of cover but hidden untold suffering cheap christian louboutin australia and problems. Today, the king will know the force with you look at the harm it often wear high heels!


A long time to wear high heels, the former paws force increased significantly, reduced heel stress, the higher the heel, the greater the force forefoot, heel smaller force. When converted into flats, the entire plantar force, then the heel force will suddenly increase, so will cause heel pain, for the former friends had heel spurs, buy christian louboutin online australia pain will become more apparent. In addition, studies have found that wearing high heels female calf muscle fibers become shorter, heel tendon thickening and hard, difficult stretch when put on flat shoes, so a lot of women in high heels put on flat shoes off, there will be pain discomfort.


There are three main aspects: first, in terms of feet, wearing high heels, five toes in the narrow and pointed space, time will lead to hallux valgus, bunions, corns occur locally, hammer toes, etc. . Second, wearing buy christian louboutin australia high heels can easily lead to joint damage, for example, when wearing high heels, around the ankle ligaments in a state of relaxation, walking ankle stability decreased, coupled with high-heeled shoes heel very fine tip, it is easy to ataxia, cause ankle sprain.