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In addition, wearing high heels up and down stairs, the knee than many normal NPC by force, more easy to add to wear the knee. Third, can cause or aggravate neck lumbar disease, wearing high heels, the cheap christian louboutin equivalent of standing on the ramp, in order to maintain the normal center of gravity, a female friend were forced to slightly bent.


Bottom, lower abdomen forward, so although more perfect embodiment of female curves. However, the upper body of the pressure on the waist and knee, can easily cause or aggravate christian louboutin cheap the lumbar spine disease.


First, there is the hallux valgus, flat feet female friends, not to wear high heels, because wearing high heels will increase the progress of hallux valgus, flat feet for a friend, and more likely to cause the bottom cheap christian louboutin shoes of the foot fasciitis, a further cause of intractable pain.


Secondly, for easy Wei feet, knee diseases, such buy cheap christian louboutin as osteoarthritis of the knee, knee surgery, etc., these patients themselves knee belongs to vulnerable parts, wear high-heeled shoes is even worse;


Also, for good friends nor Yichuan waist high heels, wearing high heels will further increase the burden on the waist. Finally, for the developing of the girl, pregnant women and obese, do not recommend christian louboutin online cheap wearing high heels. Because in the developmental stages of girls arch has not been fully finalized, long time to wear high heels, flat feet easily formed.