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Actress appeared in front of the lens each tall, slender legs. And few people know, usually these are high-heeled shoes give them visual magic. If there is no high heels how they do? Today let cheap red bottom shoes us take stock of what's real tall and numerous first-line star.

An endless stream of new shoes, your feet are tortured, especially a lot of shoes slim style, leather slightly hard, though handsome good-looking, unique qualities, but you can wear around your feet until it has a few small blisters. Do not worry, a hair dryer and a pair of thick woolen socks, new shoes can cheap red bottom shoes for sale quickly soften and does not make shoes deformation.

The steps are simple: wear thick wool socks, then put on shoes; the hair dryer to medium heat block, the harder part of the toe straight blow five minutes; at the same time stretching toes in his shoes; 5 minutes to turn off the hair dryer , Do not take off your shoes, but continue to wear shoes until it slowly cool down.

Beautiful women who often encounter such a situation, a pair of shoes when red bottom high heel shoes cheap they are good, Miss shopping guide kindly take new pair of shoes, even the feet are home not fit into. What's going on? The original store after trying on shoes by each sister stays big, new shoes did not experience this process, of course, take your Yuzu Trials.

The solution is simple, sealed food bags red bottom shoes cheap shop some water, put the shoes, the shoes and bag in the refrigerator with a night can be. Where the principle of junior high school physics teacher taught before, but busy waitress who probably already forgotten. Water frozen into ice, the density decreases, the volume becomes large, the shoes inside the water red bottom shoes becomes ice after the process, the equivalent of being tried on various sister, naturally becomes larger.